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  1. Morning For My Mourning Susan Howard 3:46

      As I sit here and write what’s on my heart, all I can say is I feel so blessed.  I am a Child of God! My Father has been so good to me! My life did not turn out the way I imagined it would be, but I can say that He has been with me every step of the way.  My Lord has Comforted me, Carried me, and Cared for me each moment of my journey.  I have no desire to stop letting the Lord use my life for His Glory.  If I listen to the devil, I would hide away and be silent because I feel so unworthy to be used by such a good God. I chose to not listen to the voices but be led by the Holy Spirit.  How can I stay silent when He has been so good to me?  I am far from perfect.  I have made many mistakes along the way, but I am thankful for His forgiveness and unconditional love.  I have experienced many hard places, but looking back He has taught me so much.  He has broke me to where I realize I am helpless without Him.  And that’s a good place.  I used to think I knew so much, but now I know that I am solely dependant on my Lord.  

My hope is to reach the hurting through this website.  I pray that many will find encouragement from a song, testimony, or devotion they may hear.  There are so many hurting people that need to know the wonderful Love of God.  If I can help someone find hope and comfort, I will be so grateful.  

Thank you for stopping by.  As I try to follow His will for my life, I would appreciate your prayers. 

Trust and Obey in every way! 

-Susan  Isa.41:10


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