Victorious Valley Ministries

By Ms Susan McGill Howard

March 2019

Good evening all. I have been doing a daily word study and reading through the Psalms this month. I can not describe how much I have been helped. I plan to write some of the lessons I have learned these…
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Reading Through The Scriptures

Good Morning! I have enjoyed reading through the Bible this month! The scriptures seem to jump off the page into my heart. I bought a new Bible with a place for notes and that has been wonderful to have. I…
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Bible Reading

I have had such a great time reading my Bible this 2019! I stand amazed at how ALIVE His word is! I feel like His Words are literally jumping off the page into my heart! I have battled in my…
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Merry Christmas

EMMANUEL… GOD WITH US! This is a title on one of my songs on the Christmas CD.  And I can not stop thinking about those words!  Matthew 1:23. Those words go right along with Matthew 28:20..  and, lo ,I am…
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Proverbs 2 Dec 2018

Proverbs 2:1-7 These verses challenge us to search for WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, & UNDERSTANDING! God makes himself known to all men who seek Him with sincere hearts. Verse 1 Tells HIs children to receive His Words and then Hide them within…
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