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My First Post – Daily Devotions

Good morning!  

It is hard to believe i have finally got to this place in my life. So many losses yet so hopeful of a great future.  Sunday I was pondering on Running The Race of Life.  What a Journey.  I will do my best to stay focused on what God would have me write. Hopefully I will be a blessing to someone.  So many people are walking thru the Valley of Death, Disease, Divorce, Depression and other things   But please know that the Lord sees your tears and hears your cries.  How do I know?  Because He can not Lie !!!  He promises that He will NEVER Leave us nor Forsake us!  He has walked with me through each of these!!! And He has been so real most of the Time!


  1. Julie Ellis

    I’m praying for you. Love you.

    1. smilingsusan2010 (Post author)

      Thanks so much Julie. If you have any words of help please share.

    2. smilingsusan2010 (Post author)

      Hey Julie! Thanks so much for your prayers. The Lord has been so real to me this New Year and I am so thankful!

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