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Reading Through The Scriptures

Good Morning! I have enjoyed reading through the Bible this month! The scriptures seem to jump off the page into my heart. I bought a new Bible with a place for notes and that has been wonderful to have. I hope all of you are spending time in the Word each day. To me, it is like taking an energy pill! His Word feeds us and strengthens us to make it through the day! One thing I have been reminded of, is that He so loves the time we make for Him. Our Lord is Love and when you Love someone you desire to spent LOTS of TIME with them. We should be so grateful that the God who created everything wants to spend time with us! From the Beginning of time our Lord was thinking about us! When He was ordering the construction of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, He was saying, “I will meet with thee.” I don’t think we realize how much He desires our fellowship.

I pray that we make much of Jesus in this New Year and spend more intimate time with Him! I don’t believe we will regret it!

  • We should finish Exodus to be on schedule
  • Deut. Chapter 4 will be on schedule for the last day of Feb.

I want to thank all who took the time to watch the 10 minute video I did last week. I can not praise the Lord enough for bringing me out of that PIT!!!! HE IS FAITHFUL!




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