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usan McGill Howard has been in ministry for nearly 30 years.  She was saved at 16 and surrendered her life to the Lord in her 20’s.  She started her journey in full time ministry in the early 90’s as one of the founders of the McGill Girls Home which later changed its name to Victorious Valley Homes.

Susan has always had a love for singing. She began singing in church when she was eight years old.  She would also sing at a local Prison Camp standing on a box so the inmates could see her behind the podium.  Her parents put her in piano lessons at a very young age.  Singing and playing the piano were part of her life from very early on. 

While in Bible College the Lord opened the doors of her home to troubled teenagers. It started out as one girl at a time. And then the girls started coming and staying.  Her pastor asked them one night , “When are you going to realize what God has called you to do?”  They surrendered to the call, and the Home began to grow in an amazing way!  After nearly 400 children, teens, and a few adults, the Home closed in June of 2017.  The girls and Miss Susan recorded their music and sang across the country for many years. Some of the songs were also written by the girls from the Home. 

In 2009, Susan experienced a severe breakdown from the loss of her marriage and ministry. She even lost her desire to live. She lost all Hope the Lord could even use her again the way He did at Victorious Valley.  Susan began a battle with depression that would go on for years.  She called it her “PIT EXPERIENCE.” 

At the end of 9 years fully exhausted from her battle with depression, Susan took her Bible and a journal. She determined in her heart to not let go until the Lord healed and restored her joy back, and He showed Himself real to her once again in a very personal way. 




Her fears that once consumed her mind were gone.  She began to hope and dream again !  The Lord gave her His presence and a verse of which she daily reminds herself.


And 10 1/2 years later, Susan is seeing a vision of an online ministry beginning. A ministry to give others hope that they, too, can come out of a “pit experience.”  

Susan says “Just don’t listen to the lies and believe that God is a loving Father, and He desires to shower us with His favor.”


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